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Price Master

Price Master is a pipe erection pricing and project handling program to price and control pipework on chemical, petrochemical, power station or any other plant where pipes are used. The program is developed for estimators, engineers, planners and project managers. Its purpose is to speed up estimation, increase pricing accuracy, give accurate planning information and help site to control and schedule the erection work.

You do not need to be an erection company to use the program. Owners, designers, project managers and quantity surveyors who want accurate budget prices, material summaries and unit rate invoice documentation can reduce their workload and improve the accuracy by using Price Master. Ten percent accuracy for erection pricing is easily achieved just using your design drawing parts list information and some knowledge of the price level on the market.

Erection pricing is based on factors or work units. These are converted to erection hours and cost. If you have a parts list on your drawing, it is sufficient for the pricing. Simply enter or import items and you have the cost. Without the parts list you do your normal material take off. You don't need to count welds, flange joints and similar. Program can count them accurately. If you wish to enter them manually, you can do so.

If required you can calculate cost of material, non destructive testing, post weld heat treatment, painting, insulation and galvanizing. You only need to enter few unit rates or import them from your libraries and the results are immediately available.

Latest version of Price Master has project handling module. It includes progress and cost monitoring, material control and invoicing modules. Any unit rate based contract invoicing is difficult and time consuming. Using Price Master this task is fast, accurate and easy.

Price Master is our main supporting program for the Pipe Erection Pricing Consultation

If you are pricing small inquiries or individual items then our Speed Facto is the answer. If you are pricing medium to large inquiries but don't need all the statistics and material pricing our program PipeFactor is the answer.

Key Benefits

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Available statistics
  • Integrated material pricing
  • Import and export
  • Libraries

More Information about Price Master is here