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RecBel Additional Information

RecBel calculates rectangular bellows element according to EJMA standard. This is extended to include ferritic materials with included fatigue analysis, external pressure case (vacuum), deflection limits and pressure stops.

All calculations have detailed report, which can be saved directly to PDF ready for e mailing. In addition there is a full listing of all parameters for detailed analysis.

Help file is very detailed. It is contact sensitive so pressing key F1 in any entry or result field detailed help is immediately available. On the results formula are shown and by mouse click on any parameter the formula can be quickly drilled down.

Program has extensive settings to assist the user. These allow  entering default values for main entry parameters, setting for any number of company names and logos, which are pisplayed on reports.

All possible entries are checked to make sure that the entries are realistic. Calculation results are evaluated and clearly identified if they are not within the code allowable.

Material values are taken from a database. User doesn't need to enter manually any values or factors. Program has all the required details. User can add additional materials to the database or request such entries from the developers. Any number of databases can be used simply by changing the active database.

All calculations can be made in imperial or metric units. Entries can be saved to a database and called back at any time. There is no actual limit how many entries can be saved.

Installation can be on single computers or on a network allowing all users to see and open other user's designs as required.