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Design and Other Services


Our design and consultation services are mainly piping related. The following segments provide some details what we offer.

Expansion Joint Design


We design expansion joints for our customers. Such design can be for tender or final designs. Where required we visit plants or be in contact with the plant owners or plant designers to establish what is actually required. Most of the time that is the most difficult part. Designers know that they need to use expansion joints but require assistance to establish what type and where. We provide that service.

For all our work we provide comprehensive report and on agreement manufacturing drawings. All design work is 3D to eliminate errors. 

Pipe Stress Analysis

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We do static pipe stress analysis using CAESAR II software. Instead of doing the actual modelling we gladly assist in basic pipe design, how to model and especially how to use expansion joints.

It is very easy to design "code compliant" piping but difficult to design one which will actually works and will last a long time.



We have training modules for expansion joint design and various pipe design modules. Training modules are customised to suit the company requirements.  If you are an expansion joint designer or manufacturer we have suitable design module for you.

Pipe Condition Evaluation

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Our specialty is high temperature, mainly steam line, evaluations. Such lines require periodic inspections to guarentee safe continious operation of the plant. 

Our engineer's walk is the most effective way to establish what if any is required next. We have vast experience on such walks, reporting and subsequent additional inspections and rectifications where determined necessary.

Professional Engineering Services

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Our principal member is UK registered Chartered Engineer and have reviewed and signed off designs for others. He also has been an expert witness in arbitration.