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J Tolonen Services cc was established 1999 to serve companies, which have a requirement for high level engineering support but do not have possibility to have their own specialists full time employed. We are located in sunny South Africa with good communication links to all parts of the world. Our customer base is located on about every continent excluding Antarctica.

Our engineering software was initially developed for our work to be highly productive and to be able to provide high level service to our customers. As the software was growing we identified that there are companies who have use for them and after some upgrading they were released for sale. Currently we are the leading independent supplier of bellows' design software in the world.

We have collected some images of our work and software. Please be free to have a look.

Our reference list is available in PDF format here.

PAIA Manual

Executive Team


Jouko Tolonen
Eur. Ing., MSc (Met), BSc (Eng), C Eng, MIMechE

Our principal member is Jouko Tolonen who has over 30 years experience in pipework engineering. This includes principle design, detailed engineering, stress calculations, FEM/FEA, 3d modelling, pipe condition evaluations, quality etc. He has extensive experience in power generation including nuclear, chemical, pulp and paper, sugar and petrochemical plants. 

His qualifications include MSc on physical metallurgy and BSc in mechanical engineering. Mr Tolonen is UK registered Chartered Engineer (C Eng), registered European Engineer (Eur. Ing.) and a member of professional associations and organizations including Institution of Mechanical Engineers in UK.

Mr Tolonen has an unique wide spectrum qualifications and experience to solve customer's most demanding issues. He is highly respected within the industry.

Mr Tolonen's CV is available here.