J Tolonen Services cc

Some of Our Designs

Externally Pressurized Double

Universal with 4 Tie Rods

Double Hinge Expansion Joint

Universal with Double Rods

Low Pressure Gimbal Unit

Simplified Pantograph Unit

NB 50 with Limit Rods

NB 500 - 100 bar

NB 350 Hinged

NB 450 Hinged

NB 300 Balanced

1600 Rectangular

1600 Rectangular

NB600 Lateral

High Temperature Unit

High Pressure Unit

54" Pressure Balanced

NB2500 Pressure Balanced

Special Lateral Unit

NB1600 Balanced
Dia 2820 SS Lateral
NB2500 Brick Lined
Blower Vessel
Pipe Design
Plastic Pipe Design
Skid Design