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ThickBel Additional Information

Main purpose of ThickBel is to calculate ASME VIII Div 1 Appendix 5 thick wall bellows. Program includes also stress evaluations according to the limits given in the original calculation method. User may use either one of the limits or both.

Program calculates four different bellows shapes. Calculation is fully analytical and therefore the program is fast to use. Calculation method is known to be problematic but it has been used for a long time and is included in main pressure vessel design programs. Alternative design method is described in TEMA standard but it is FEA based requiring special skills and expensive software.

Calculations can be performed using imperial or metric units. All possible inputs are validated to eliminate number of entry errors. Program allows easy design in corroded and uncorroded conditions.

ThickBel has basic help file. All calculations have calculation report, which can be directly saved to PDF file format and user can add company logo onto it. All required material values are taken from a material database. User just selects the material used form a drop down list.